Hotel The Unbound

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When the team behind Hotel The Unbound commissioned us to develop their corporate identity our creative hearts started pounding! A string of matching designs were produced ranging from the logo and the signing, to the blankets, tea towels and carpets. Even the art on the walls of hotel cabins is produced and curated by L+I…. Read more »

public art gallery

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Public Art Gallery is een ondernemende kunstliefhebber met een publiek idee. Zij koppelt kunstenaars en illustratoren aan openbare ruimtes die wat kleur kunnen gebruiken. Te beginnen op bouwplaatsen, verspreid door de hoofdstad. Zo wordt Amsterdam een openbare kunstgalerie voor iedereen. De stad mooier, de kunst op het podium dat het verdient en een glimlach op het… Read more »

City Rhythm Bronkhorst

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Presentatie in het Kunstgemaal Speciaal voor het Kunstgemaal aan de IJssel in Bronkhorst maakt Leendert meets Ingrid een presentatie van hun project City Rhythm Stationery. In raambestickering zijn gestileerde vogels op strakke witte hoogspanningsdraden te zien. Geschilderde stoplichten en een zebrapad van voordeur naar galeriewinkel reguleren het bezoek. Van stadshectiek naar de stilte op de dijk…. Read more »

Museum Nairac

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expositie museum nairac man/vrouw

Museum Nairac in Barneveld presents a selection of our silk shawls in their current exhibition: ‘Gezocht M/V’ (wanted Male/Female). A vibrant mix of design, photography, textile art and fashion all featuring the male or female as an artist or user. The museum asked us and 2 other art&design couples to do a short lecture about… Read more »

BNO Talk

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BNO lezing NAI Rotterdam grafisch ontwerp

BNO (Dutch designers association) Rotterdam invited us to talk about working together as a couple. As having ‘Live to Love, Love to Work’ as our motto it was delightful to share our way of working and how we complement each other. We spoke about Artprint of the Month, Birchwood Bird and City Rhythm Stationery. And… Read more »

Expo Pillow talk

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bed habits pillowtalk

Op de Oostelijke Handelskade in gebouw Argentinië is slaapkamerdesign winkel Bed Habits gevestigd. Vanaf 29 november presenteren zij Pillow Talk, de expositie van Mrs.Me & Leendert meets Ingrid. De artprints van Leendert meets Ingrid maken bijzonder sfeervolle crossovers met de home couture collectie van Mrs Me. Bed Habits toont zeven verschillende stijlkamers waaronder een Gouden Nacht kamer;… Read more »

Clog art

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In a street leading to the Rijksmuseum houses a new gallery: Amsterdam Stories. The curator Magreet Nanning was intrigued by the stream of passing tourists and came up with a fitting theme that suits well in this old Dutch street filled with art- and antiquestores. Margreet invited a variety of artists and designers to customise or… Read more »

Colorful Birds of Amsterdam

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design accesoire

One year ago we launched our design accessory Birchwood Bird, a handmade plywood bird in four pieces, easy to assemble. A simple piece of honest craftwork with a strong shape, refined and elegant. The first edition came in 2 solid colors: dark and light and turned out to be a keeper in our collection. Recently… Read more »

Studio Sale

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Leendert is cleaning out his studio and will add all sorts of items he made over the years to the webshop. Original artwork, sketches, prototypes, and print work. This sale is intended for Dutchies only but you can always send a message to see if we can work something out with the costs of sending… Read more »


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Besides sending out our Large Pink Postcards to your best friends and family, putting them on your wall is also a great idea! The framed cards add a personal pink sparkle to your interior. At our home, we mix and match with all sorts of frames and artworks, we created our own little private gallery… Read more »

emerginC productline

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EmerginC is an organic skincare brand based in New York. Rawceuticals is their latest line and contains all raw ingredients. Ingrid was involved right from the start and developed a minimalistic yet earthy design for the packaging of the complete range of products. A refined redesign directed by Ingrid for two other EmerginC product lines… Read more »

Museum serviettes

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The annual dinner, organized by the Dutch Museum Association, hosted 50 museum conservators. For this special occasion we designed custom made serviettes. The design is based on their value: ‘Elke collectie toont ons een deel van ons echte goud’, which means ‘Every collection shows us a part of our real gold’. The serviettes are damast… Read more »